Is a platform that promotes and distributes documentary films from Argentina in Berlin, Germany.

The documentaries by outstanding filmmakers in the Dok.Ar (Argentinische Dokumentarfilme) cycle represent various topics related to the cultural activity of Argentina, and feature relevant figures that enjoy international prominence.
Other themes which are explored include human rights, ecology, migration, identity and gender.

The Dok.Ar promotes the dissemination of Argentine culture in Berlin, the international epicenter of Culture with influence throughout the world.

Monthly Program

30 Oct 2020

The house in Arguello


Friday 30.10.20/ Kino 2, 20:00

The bones (disappeared during the last military dictatorship in Argentina) are found.
The return of the bones to the family opens a wound. New layers of information open through
four generations of women in the family, where the pain experienced takes a new way.
Nelly, her family saga and the pain of having lost two of her children;
Fatima, the fact of having been a political prisoner; Valentina, (directors film) a birth behind
bars and the long road to reencounter her mother Fatima; Frida (Valentina’s daughter) is witness
to the fact that moves her mother’s family.


Argentinien 2018, Director: Valentina Llorens

Spanish / English subtitles, 90 min, OmeU



20 Nov 2020

The corroborators

Friday, 20/11/20, Kino2,  19:30

Suzanne is a French journalist who travels to Buenos Aires under the request of Martin Dressler for a guided tour of the French style buildings copied from Paris. But Dressler never shows up. Suzanne discovers that The Corroborators were a secret society that decided to copy Paris in Buenos Aires
at the end of the XIX Century. But this society suddenly vanished and became a myth. Suzanne
believes they have disappeared Dressler and now they are after her. The film is a reflection on what is true and false in our National aspirations.

Argentinien 2018, R.: Luiz Bernandez, 70 Min, OmeU

18 Dec 2020

Transhumant School

Friday, 18/12/20, Kino 2, 20.00

Huncal, a place in the province of Neuquén, Argentina where the Mapuche community called
Millain Currical is found.
A primary school founded in 1911 from which no one graduated for more than seventy years.
In 1986, as a result of the “Transhumant school” project, the first class graduated.

A project that accompanies the community in their annual migration for the purpose
of finding fresh pastures for their goats and sheep.

A school that becomes a meeting ground for different ways of perceiving reality; world views
that are in conflict, that complement each other and that are conducive to thinking about
education in our times.


Argentinien 2016, R: Alejandro Vagnenkos, 90 Min., OmeU

27 Jan 2021

The german neighbor

Wednesday,  27/01/21, Kino 2,  20.00


In 1960 Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped in San Fernando (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and taken
illegally to Jerusalem for a trial.

By using the classical register procedures for documentaries and by integrating archive material,
The German Neighbor” shows through the eyes of a young German lady settled in Buenos Aires the
awkward and unusual life of Adolf Eichmann in our country and his remarkable defense in his trial in Jerusalem.


Argentinien 2017, R.: Rosario Cervio, Martin Liji, 94 Min.,OmeU

all film screenings will take place at the Babylon cinema,
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30,
10178 Berlin.

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