Is a platform that promotes and distributes documentary films from Argentina in Berlin, Germany.

The documentaries by outstanding filmmakers in the Dok.Ar (Argentinische Dokumentarfilme) cycle represent various topics related to the cultural activity of Argentina, and feature relevant figures that enjoy international prominence.
Other themes which are explored include human rights, ecology, migration, identity and gender.

The Dok.Ar promotes the dissemination of Argentine culture in Berlin, the international epicenter of Culture with influence throughout the world.

Monthly Program

28 Nov 2019

Che. Un hombre nuevo


Thursday 28.11.19/ Saal 3, 20:00

Ernesto Guevara, “el Che”, murdered at the age of 39. This documentary film, built from an intimate Guevara´s subjective perspective, remarks his continuous education and coherence, his poetic view of reality, his studies and thinking in the service of action and of the building of a new world. The film is based on family and military files that have never been shown.

 Cuba,Argentina,Spain 2010, R: Tristán Bauer, mit Carolina Scaglione, Alfredo Guevara,
Centro de Estudios Che Guevara, Federico Jusid “Metronome”, 124 Min., OmeU.


14 June 2019

They are all my children

Friday, June 14 / 20:00

Argentinien 2016, D.: Ricardo Soto Uribe,
85 min., Spanish / English subtitles

5 July 2019


Friday, July 5, 2019 – 20.00

Argentinien 2018, D.: Daniel Najenson,

90 Min., Spanish / English subtitles . 

2 Aug 2019

Algo Fayo

Friday, August 2, 2019 – 20.00

Argentinien 2010, D.: Santiago Garcia Isler, 87 Min.,

Spanish / English subtitles . 

all film screenings will take place at the Babylon cinema,
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30,
10178 Berlin.

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