One hundred and eleven cyclists arrive at the famed opera house, Teatro Colón, to welcome Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008), an Argentinian native and one of the foremost composers of the 20th Century. Though he migrated in Germany in 1957. his innovative music remains an inspiration to a large number of progressive Argentinian musicians.
In 2006, Kagel returns to Buenos Aires for a festival bearing his name, where he is to direct a major concert by the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, as well as to interact with a group of young and enthusiastic musicians devoted to his body of work, the Ensamble Süden.
Filmmaker Gastón Solnicki is on hand to capture Kagel’s visit on film and the resulting documentary, Süden, chronicles the composer’s efforts in working directly with the musicians as well as reflecting on the state of modern music in Argentina.
The documentary is a universally human story notable for its ability to capture the imaginations of even those who are less than enamoured of contemporary music.